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HOOT COMMUNICATIONS is the umbrella for Bob Hoot Music, Bob Hoot as a solo performer, as well as Tent Show Troubadours, and HOOT and Hollers. Bob Hoot is a musician, songwriter, band leader, and music producer. Hoot Communications provides creative services for these aforementioned endeavors.

Tent Show Troubadours perform Alternative Rock and Alternative Country — original songs and selected favorite covers. TST has recorded ten albums and two EPs of original songs. Bob Hoot writes songs with smart lyrics in styles infused with Northern Country, Rock-a-billy, New Wave, Roots, and Gypsy Jazz — rockers to ballads. The music is rich in harmonies.

HOOT and Hollers consists of Bob Hoot and one to three guest players who join in live performance. The vibe is primarily Rock-a-Billy, Country, Americana and Rock in semi-acoustic and electric arrangements. HOOT and Hollers recording projects are driven by Hoot's songwriting. Session musicians include musicians and vocalists from Tent Show Troubadours, local musicians and transplants now in Nashville and California.


Hoot Communications 1997-2023

HOOT COMMUNICATIONS does many things well. That comes through 40 years of varied experience in designing, writing and producing for advertising, publishing, and production, in all media — print and electronic.

Back in the 1980s when Bob Hoot started Hoot Creative, the graphic design studio was small in size but big on ideas and services offered. When illustration was required, Hoot illustrated. When a map was needed, he learned a cartography. When a photograph needed retouching, Hoot learned a retouching.

As the digital revolution dawned, Hoot embraced new technology and relished working with increasingly sophisticated tools. He worked with Compugraphic phototype in the mid-1970s and he created animation on a proprietary computer system in the early 1980s. In 1990, Apple released the Quadra 900 tower ... a screaming-fast 25 MHz process with 16 MB of RAM (Hoot boosted that to 20 MB ... Whoa!). Hoot added more computers, processing power, applications and enhanced skills.

Hoot’s creative work will always be guided by his head, heart and hand. Hoot values great ideas realized with impeccable technique. Technology has allowed Hoot the ability to manage more projects, more efficiently, and turn more great ideas into solutions for clients. Clients appreciate that. Printers and web developers appreciate the exacting specifications to which files comply.

Hoot Communications offers a breadth and depth of creative services supported by the right technologies and most current applications.

Creative Services • Graphic Design • Copy Writing • Illustration • Cartography • Web Design • Video Direction

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